Ripples 1
  • Ripples 1

    24" diameter

    Acrylic on wood panel


    Ripples were initially conceived as a way to connect people from different worlds with myself. The paintings are made with colors my clients have selected for various projects throughout the past year, and the marks made with them were the 'm' from my signature.


    As I digested this concept further I thought about how people come and go in my life, and how they can unexpectedly return with enough time. I thought about people as ripples, that drift away like a splash in a still pond.


    With my current personal struggles I found that while painting Ripples it wasn't the people who drift, it was me.


    I'm the one who leaves, and sometimes comes back.


    I have been experiencing waves of high highs and low lows, emotions crashing into one another week after week, month after month. 


    In Ripples, I found these moments colliding. The uniting of unconnected people, the waves of emotions I struggle to process, and the realization that I am the one who moves. I am the one drifting away, hoping to return. Hoping to feel connected, at peace, at home.