Parts of This Place Framed #4
  • Parts of This Place Framed #4

    Parts of This Place Framed #4

    36" x 24" Graffiti ink on a blueprint salvaged from the Packard Plant. 

    Framed Dimensions: 41.5" x 30" (Museum glass, mounted with rice paper hinges.)


    The painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


    *** This piece is discounted by $250 because it has a couple small scratches on the frame. It has a couple light scratches that are found upon close inspection of the upper left hand side of the frame. 



    - I cannot ship these works because they are framed with rice paper hinges for conservation purposes. 



    In 2021 Mike Han created a series of paintings on blueprints salvaged from the Packard Plant, an abandoned automotive factory that while in operation produced luxury vehicles. The documents were found by the artist and his friends while exploring the ruins nearly 10 years ago. The drawings are of a car component designed in 1959, and the artwork is painted organically on the substrate without planning or sketching using an instrument designed for graffiti to capture a moment in time. Han's linework is character driven but pushed into abstraction through expressive gestures inspired by Korean calligraphy and graffiti tags. He strives to find balance in life and art by connecting people, places, and ideas through physically connected lines.


    Han has categorized his practice as Modern Vandalism, a term he coined in 2020. He defines it as the process of destroying or altering materials, spaces, and products in an effort to create value. It is Han's belief that in order to create, you must destroy. This poses a paradox for his practice as he wrestles with the ideas of sustainability and value as they are subjective and are measured and change with time. Han's paintings on salvaged substrates epitomize his effort to add value to the world without negatively impacting the environment. The salvaged blueprints no longer serve a purpose and were left to decay inside the Packard Plant, so these expressive paintings made over top of them is both an act of destruction and an act of preservation.

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