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The intrigue of space and revealing self within it. 1.31.23

I'm starting to feel a little more comfort in the space I live. Each room now seems to have settled into it's correct use, and now I just need to work towards getting them outfitted with light, furniture, and all the other things that make a room complete.

It's been weird getting adjusted to living inside a home all to my self. It's wonderful to have so much space, but it's taken a month and a half to feel like I understand how the spaces will be used.

I find it really interesting the discomfort, or comfort, felt when objects are moved from one place into another. When they are re-arranged within that space. Each configuration makes you feel some sort of way. Nothing in the room changes, when you re-arrange furniture, but the energy and feeling does. You can like it one way, and not like it another. To have a preference of which way inanimate objects should lie is a really interesting thing.

Humans are freakin weird.

These feelings are felt when I paint as well. One line should go here, and other there. I don't know the outcome, yet there is a deliberateness of mark making that's peculiar. I know where to make a line but only after a line is made.

No matter a sheet of paper, or wall, the size of what I paint dictates the line weight. It's kind of like how the amount of space inside a room determines how much furniture can live in it. The size, location, amount of windows, etc. dictate the use of the space, but for each person that use could be different because they have different needs.

The home remains the same, but two people might use that space in radically different ways. We all have different needs, and what makes sense for one can be completely different than for another.

Mindfulness of breath, meditating with paint and brush, and living alone inside a home are providing a more complete understanding for me in how to live, and the wonder that is lost in the busyness of life. I'm finding peace in reflecting on humble, daily moments, and considering why I do most things that I do and strive to make them better.

That's probably enough mind dump ramble for a day.

I'm slowly making progress on this dry wall cut out. Its given me a blister thats painful to work with as I'm only using hand tools for this. If the result is good, I'll probably buy a dremel or jig saw or something (I don't know shit about tools), to make cutting out my line faster so I can make these pieces much larger.

But I'm really enjoying the painful process of slowing chipping away at the gypsum to reveal my self in it.

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