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Mega Update

So it's been nearly three months since my last post. Sorry. I've been busy with a lot of fun and interesting projects, but that's not the real reason I haven't been posting.

I went through another depressive/low state that I struggled to shake for a couple months. Things were and are, going well with the art business, but the fixation on only one aspect of my life has proven to be insufficient in producing happiness.

I know I've written about balance, and strategies for success and all that stuff, but the reality is that things still get weird inside my brain. And I go through these cycles of highs and lows, and it happened way sooner than I imagined it would. Two low emotional states in a 6-7 month time period.

I'm happy to share that I've started exercising again, and that's really been helpful. It's strange that the best medicine for me is always the hard thing. I don't take any anti-depressants, or pills to solve my problems. I'm adamant about cultivating happiness through natural means, and balance. Way easier said than done.

So aside from feeling down for no apparent reason, what else did I do for the past three months? Here are some of the highlights:

I painted this mural at York in Ann Arbor.

I collaborated with Joori Jung and ArtLab J for a dance performance that was part of the DIA's APA heritage month programing.

And through the Disparate show, I was able to raise over $10,000 for!

Pretty crazy right?

I'm gonna send an email out after this with a big announcement, but I wanted to catch you all up. I hope to make blogging a more regular part of my life again and create the balance in work and life that I've always dreamed about.


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