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Carvings 1.24.23

This is a freehand carving made on rubber.

I really like how soft Speedy Carve is, but I really don't like how it's rubber and not so nice on the environment. But I love that I can do single stroke carving into it with the ease of a brush loaded with ink onto paper.

These carvings are used to make prints. Will be pulling some tomorrow.

Here's a lil time lapse of the process.

And I also finished that carving into drywall that I started yesterday.

The paper on the top of the drywall was sanded off, and that process totally sucked. There's some splotchy crap from what I imagine is where glue was applied or some adhesive. I really don't want to paint this as I want this series to highlight the material, yet appear pristine.

It's also pretty coarse, so I gotta do some thing to smooth it out as I don't want to seal it as is.

I wonder if I can use the dust from carving, to create a slurry that I can then brush back onto the drywall to fill in the holes, and cover the ugly "dirty" spots revealed in sanding.

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