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Parts of This Place

Presented by Paragon Art Collective

The Stash, Royal Oak, MI

October, 2021

Video: [Peasant Life]

Editing: Evan Zott

In Parts of This Place, I created a permanent installation for The Stash and a solo show inside their gallery. For the installation, I found inspiration in the floor of a luxury car garage. I pulled colors directly from small stones scattered in the concrete floor that lay hidden beneath my feet. I magnified them onto the wall with a 16’ x 120’ mural and three 10’ x 10’ canvases layered on top to bring a heightened awareness to the subtle beauty that hides in plain sight. 


One of the goals of my practice is to illuminate ubiquitous truths that are too close to see. Our daily lives aren't sensational, or news worthy. Routine can be boring. But the choices we make everyday impact us and others in ways we often can't see. Living well is something we all want, and it's heavily influenced by the mundane daily tasks we pay little attention to. I believe in order to make transformative change in ourselves and the world, we must first learn how to see these things that are unsensational.

In the gallery, I created a series of paintings on blueprints salvaged from the Packard Plant, an abandoned automotive factory. The drawings are of components for cars made from 1958-1960 and the artwork is painted organically, without planning or sketches using a graffiti mop. This show connected to the place in which they were exhibited, and Parts of This Place was a microcosm of Metropolitan Detroit.

Parts of This Place Photos

By Marina Pia Goldi

Parts of This Place Video

Video: [Peasant Life]

Editing: Evan Zott

Permanent Installation Process

Exhibition Installation & Video BTS