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Parts of This Place

An exhibition and permanent installation presented by Paragon Art Collective at The Stash.

In Parts of This Place, Han found inspiration for his newest body of work from the floor of a luxury car garage. Mike took colors directly from small stones scattered in the concrete floor and magnified them onto the wall with a 16’ x 100’ mural and three 10’ x 10’ canvases layered on top. This heightened awareness of the ground upon which we stand is what Han’s work is all about.


It is Han’s goal to make deep connections with people and places by illuminating ubiquitous truths that are nearly impossible to see as they lie right beneath our feet. In the gallery, Han created a series of paintings on blueprints salvaged from the Packard Plant, an abandoned automotive factory. The drawings are of components for cars made from 1958-1960 and the artwork is painted organically, without planning or sketches using a graffiti mop.

Artist @MikeHan_Detroit

Curator/Art Advisor @ParagonArtCollective

Venue & Vehicles @The_Stash_On_Delemere

Vehicles @Platinum_Motorcars

Mural @Ed_Irmen

Art Handling/Canvases @CHejka

Canvas Stretching @RichardWilsonArtwork


Photos @MarinaPiaGoldi

Video [Peasant Life]

Editor @EvanZott


Special thanks to Alex Wysocki

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