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Thank you for purchasing a 1 of 1 NFT. I look forward to meeting you, and hope to spend a little time chatting with you when you come to pickup your painting in Detroit. Email me a couple good day/times for you at

Once you pickup your painting, we can schedule your exclusive omakase sushi dinner, for you and three guests. I look forward to showing you hospitality, and a deeper side of sustainability through an intimate meal. Please note: Guest allergies must be provided a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of the dinner. If any allergies are present (like shellfish), then that allergen will be excluded from the ENTIRE meal for all guests. Alcohol will be served with the meal, but feel free to bring beverages of your choice.

The dinner will take place in my apartment in downtown Detroit, and for those with severe cat allergies, please be aware that a cat lives with me in the apartment.

Please note that once a date has been scheduled, there MAY NOT be any changes or rescheduling. I'm not trying to be cruel, I just have a busy schedule and need to block off a whole week to prepare for the dinner, so changing dates unfortunately is not possible. 



As a sushi chef, I opened NYC's first sustainable omakase sushi restaurant. It was distinguished as a "Best New Restaurant in NYC" by the Village Voice in 2017 and I was featured in the last print issue. I have lead sushi teams at highly acclaimed restaurants like Zuma in Miami, Roka Akor in downtown Chicago, and was formerly Chef De Cuisine for Bamboo Sushi in Denver (part of the world's first sustainable sushi restaurant group).

I opened Detroit's first sustainable sushi restaurant in 2018 which was the second restaurant I've opened with both Seafood Watch and Smart Catch certifications. I've had the honor of making sushi at the James Beard House for a sustainable seafood dinner with acclaimed chefs from around the country.

I have been featured in Edible Manhattan, Denver Westword, Detroit Free Press, and have done live TV segments in Chicago and Detroit as a sushi chef.

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