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Positive (US States)

Positive (US States)
Positive (US States)

The Whole World
The Whole World

Positive (US States)
Positive (US States)



A site specific and ephemeral art installation at The Siren Hotel.

An online exhibition to uplift the AAPI community. 

April 8th - May 8th, 2021

Virtual closing reception May 8th, 8 PM EST

IG Live @mikehan_detroit


Disparate is a perplexing look at how we live and interact in temporary, permanent, physical and digital spaces simultaneously and separately. Disparate explores the quandary of being Asian and American, and how opposites can be united. 


In Disparate, Korean-Detroit artist and designer Mike Han creates paintings on torn atlas pages from States across America, and countries from around the world. These location based substrates provide a backdrop to have a conversation about race and culture as they intersect in America. The artist’s line work speaks to our unique individuality, the chaos of life, and the seldom seen truth that while we may seem polar opposite, we want the same things in life: love, respect, and freedom.


Disparate is created and installed at The Siren Hotel which mirrors the modern day paradox of place and American culture.


The Siren is a physical place whose purpose is to welcome guests from across the US and from around the world to provide people hospitality and comfort while they are away from home. The hotel is both permanent and temporary. It’s guests are local and international. The duality of this physical space further illustrates the quandary of everyday life as two distinctly different truths are often true simultaneously which is not unlike the artist’s everyday reality of being Asian and American. 


Disparate was installed inside two different rooms at The Siren Hotel but can only experienced by the public in digital space. The artwork hung in each room is opposite, yet the same. The “positive” image were painted with an instrument designed for graffiti on US State maps, while the “negative” images were painted across countries from around the world with a brush to honor Han’s ancestor, Han Seok-Bong, who was considered one of the greatest calligraphers in Korean history.


The paintings are culturally different in context of the substrates, and are segregated geo-politically and physically by the design of the installation. Each painting is a diptych, containing corresponding works which were painted separately, and hung in different rooms on different floors of The Siren Hotel. 

Works for Sale

Through an act of kindness two disparate paintings made on substrates that represent myriad cultures will be united to create one harmonious work of art and serve as a reminder that although we may seem worlds apart, we can choose to stand united. 

60% of net proceeds will be donated to hateisavirus.org to uplift and empower the AAPI community.

Silent Auction

Disparate 21.jpg

The Whole World


Highest bidder by May 8th at 4 PM EST will win this singular painting, created on a complete world map. Winner will contacted via email. 60% of net proceeds will be donated to hateisavirus.org to uplift and empower the AAPI community.


Total fundraising amount will be announced on my IG Live (@mikehan_detroit) at 8 PM EST on May 8th during my virtual closing reception.

To place a bid, contact:


Disparate was created at The Siren Hotel during an artist residency program curated by Sarah Ayers from March 22nd - 29th, 2021. During his residency, Mike participated in two anti-Asian protest marches in downtown Detroit. This body of work is dedicated to Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Soon Chung Park, Hyun Grant, and Suncha Kim.

Disparate was photographed by Diana Paulson, lineaphoto.com

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