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Batch Brewing Co.

Corktown, Detroit, MI

July 2021

I created a massive mural for Batch Brewing Co. that transformed a former parking lot into an immersive experience for outdoor dining. This incredible video was shot and edited by [Peasant Life]

Mike Han - Batch Brewing Co. 2021 - 2.jpeg

The project was the largest painting I had created to date, and I'm so grateful Stephen Roginson (owner of Batch) asked me to create this piece for him. Stephen and I go wayyyy back as he was a champion of my work from the early days. We worked together on several projects while he was with vitaminwater.

Mike Han - Batch Brewing Co. 2021 - 4.jpeg

I think the project took 2 days? Maybe 3? Having a brain fart right now. I'm doing these write-ups all in one go (a whole year's worth of work right now) as I neglected this website during a massive year. I'm making a shift to document these projects as I go, and have my website be the center of my world, not instagram. 

Mike Han - Batch Brewing Co. 2021 - 3.jpeg

This is Demetrio, who shot the video above. He helps give the mural a sense of scale. 

Mike Han - Batch Brewing Co. 2021 - Shot by Stephen McGee 2.jpeg

This photo from outer space also helps give a sense of scale.


But for real, Award winning photographer Stephen McGee photographed this with a drone from way up because it's ginormous.

Mike Han - Batch Brewing Co. 2021 - Shot by Stephen McGee 1.jpeg

He so generously donated his talents to help the Horangis raise money for ArtLab J during our first event which was held at Batch Brewing Co.

Stephen and I had a fun with scale, and you can see me cliff hanging off the left side of the mural :)


Horangis are Korean-Detroiters. We are creatives, entrepreneurs, and change makers building community and culture in the city of Detroit.

We're hungry to make positive change and create space for Koreans in Detroit by collaborating and connecting with Koreans throughout Michigan. We want to learn more about our heritage and educate others about our culture in the city we call home.

Mike Han - Batch Brewing Co. 2021 - 1.jpeg
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